PreworX (Z) Ltd.

.ZM Domain Registrar

Registration of dot-zm domains (Zambia's ccTLD) is a partnership between PreworX and NinerNet Communications. You can read more details in NinerNet's announcement.

PreworX (Z) Ltd. is an Internet Service Provider that frees you from all the limitations of terrestrial networks and offers you an immediate Internet broadband connection in Zambia.


Registering a new dot-zm domain?

Doing so is far simpler now with NinerNet and PreworX than it ever used to be with Zamnet and Coppernet. Contact us today to enquire about the availability of your choice of name and we'll register it for you immediately.

Available second-level .zm domains
  • Academic institutions
  • Businesses
  • Commercial entities
  • Commercial entities
  • Academic institutions
  • Government
  • Information
  • Military
  • Networks
  • Non-commercial organizations    
  • Schools

Protecting your and your clients' names in Zambia?

We work with a growing number of international brand-protection management companies, domain registrars and resellers who protect the domains of some of the biggest names in international commerce, everything from e-commerce to bricks and mortar, luxury goods to everyday necessities. (Check the WHOIS of those domains to see who the registrar is.)

Why do these companies work with us?

  • Simplicity. That's why. We are the domain registrar, not someone who claims to "know the Zambian market" who happens to know someone who knows someone who has a brother-in-law who works at a registrar and can "get you best price." [sic]
  • There are no middlemen. You deal directly with the registrar (us!) and you get our only price ... which you only pay once a year! We offer reliable and predictable turnaround on requests, everything from registrar transfers to contact updates, from locks to nameserver changes. You and your registrants will not be left in the dark, wondering what's happening.
  • You control your domains. You or your company are all of the legal and email contacts on your domains, using our local proxy/trustee service where necessary.

Transferring your dot-zm domains into PreworX will be the last headache you have with your Zambian portfolio!

ZMW 350 p/a

USD 19 p/a

ZICTA licence number: ZICTA/ICT/ECN/ECS0056

   Please contact us to arrange for the transfer or registration of your dot-zm domain today.   

Preworx Zambia

PreworX (Z) Ltd.

NinerNet Communications.